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SENTEQ Aqua Heat LUMBAR Support - Self Heating Magnets & Tourmaline (SQ2-G003)

SENTEQ Aqua Heat LUMBAR Support - Self Heating Magnets & Tourmaline (SQ2-G003)

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A combination of ceramic self-heating magnets and the tourmaline material make for the ultimate pain relief combo. The natural heat generated by the elbow brace stimulates blood circulation and targets injured muscles by providing effective ‘deep heat’ pain relief to your back.

Features and Benefits:
- Injury and strain: using the body’s own temperature with some additional moisture to start and maintain the warm temperature. Noticeable warmth can be felt after approximately 15 minutes of application. This will help improve fluid and blood circulation, metabolism, and reduce soreness and fatigue.

- Muscle and tissue pain: the electromagnetic far infrared rays and the negative ions from tourmaline compound provide a consistent stimulation to the targeted area, helping to relax the muscles and tissues, reduce swelling from edema.

To start, apply some tap water on the heating pad inside., do not over-tighten the brace. The main goal of using a moist heating product is to promote blood circulation. The heating elbow pad needs to be placed directly on top of the skin.
The heating pad does not need to be overly wet, but does need to be sufficiently dampened for the reaction to start. Most people will feel the heating effect in 3 - 5 minutes.

- It is not suggested for individual to wear the heating support for more than 30 minute in one sitting. This is a precaution for preventing skin burn and irritation. The time it takes for individual to feel the heat will vary. The initial heat emission is dependent on each individual’s body temperature; some will experience more noticeable heat from the support within a shorter period of time than others.

Size: XS 24-33 S/M 33-38 L/XL 38-46 XXL/XXXL 46-52 waist cir

Washing Instruction: Hand wash with mild soap and air dry. No machine wash.