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SENTEQ Foot Drop Splint (SQ1-DR010)

SENTEQ Foot Drop Splint (SQ1-DR010)

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The ankle-foot brace that will aid your walk!

SENTEQ Foot Drop Splint (SQ1-DR010) is an ankle-foot brace that helps support the ankle and foot in a strengthened position to improve walking. It is a dynamic support for paralysis of the anterior leg muscle group.

The splint is equipped with padded hook-n-loop straps that secure the AFO around the calf to promote the functional alignment of the foot.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effective Foot Lift
  • Padded Hook-N-Loop Straps Secures AFO around the Calf
  • Ergonomic Design for Long-Term Wearing
  • FDA approved Medical Grade Certified and Standards


  • Neurodegenerative Disease in Foot
  • Nerve Injury with Unilateral Foot Drop
  • Drop Foot due to stroke, spinal cord injury, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, multiple sclerosis, diabetes
  • Ankle or Plantar Flexion Contracture
  • Functional Alignment of the Foot
  • Post-Operative Care

Main Materials:

  • PP: 90%
  • Polyester: 6%
  • PU Foam: 3%
  • Nylon: 1%

Universal Size (Left and Right)
Fits Calf Circum. 10”-14”

Small -  8-10

Medium -  10-13

Large -  13-16

XL 16-19


    Universal Size (Left and Right)

    Fits Calf Circum. 10”-14”


    Made in Taiwan