SENTEQ F.I.R. Wrist Support (SQ2-R001)

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This wrist support is made with FIR or what we call far-infrared emitting fibre. This special material promotes a better healing process by absorbing the infrared radiation emitted by the body, and re-emit it as far-infrared waves that increase circulation around the tender joint.

This wrist support is made with a wrap-around design that makes it adjustable and suitable for daily activities. It’s easy and comfortable to use. It is also able to adjust heat and body temperature and keep your feet dry all day long.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wrap-around design that is easy to put on
  • Target compression without restricting circulation
  • Limit excessive movement in wrist and palm
  • Interior Far-Infrared lining for helping to ease pain and discomfort


  • Wrist instability, fatigue, and irritation
  • Wrist and thumb immobilization
  • Ligament, soft tissue, and joint injury
  • Wrist strain and sprain
  • Arthritis and tendon injury

Size: Universal size


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    • Does the FIR Wrist Support (SQ2-R001) fit on both the right and left wrists?

      Thank you for the question, it fit both left or right.