SENTEQ Aqua Heat Ankle Pad (SQ2-G008)

SENTEQ Aqua Heat Ankle Pad (SQ2-G008)

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Features and Benefits:

  • Elastic band design for free adjustability
  • Targeted compression and movement immobilization
  • Easy and comfortable to use for daily activities
  • Interior AquaHeat padding for thermal comfort and pain minimization
  • Perforated band for better ventilation


  • Ankle and foot arch support
  • Ankle and foot arch pain, sprain, and strain
  • Acute and chronic ankle and foot arch pain and irritation 

To start, apply some tap water on the heating pad inside., do not over-tighten the brace. The main goal of using a moist heating product is to promote blood circulation. The heating elbow pad needs to be placed directly on top of the skin.
The heating pad does not need to be overly wet, but does need to be sufficiently dampened for the reaction to start. Most people will feel the heating effect in 3 - 5 minutes.


  • Universal size