SENTEQ 18" Leather Foam Roller

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Features and Benefits:

  • Smooth faux leather outer covering for easy maintenance and cleaning after use
  • Lightweight yet compact foam
  • Improve circulation of blood and oxygen to muscle during warm up and post exercise recovery
  • Effective and easy to use tool for self-myofascial release and deep tissue massage
  • Reduce common pain and soreness from muscle friction and buildup of lactic acid by loosening muscle tissue and joints
  • Shorten post exercise recovery time by loosening contracted muscles knots (myofascial trigger points)
  • Comes with a carrier bag* 


  • Pre-workout warm up
  • Post exercise recovery
  • Use on daily basis for improved blood circulation to muscle
  • Myofascial trigger point massage

 Made in Taiwan


Ask a Question
  • Is the roller soft or firm?

    Dear Customer, 

    It is firm.
    Thank you.
    SENTEQ Customer Service