SENTEQ Anti-Spasticity Ball Finger Splint. Stroke Rehabilitation Exercise Ball - FDA Registered

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  • To adapt to the symptoms: stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, cervical vertebra, injury causes such as hand dysfunction, abnormal muscle tone finger, hand, finger flexion convulsion, hand muscle atrophy, etc.
  • Helping to correctly rebalance muscle strength and flexibility in the hands, wrists and forearms
  • Better nerve, muscle and circulatory stimulation to the tissues of the hand. Stimulates all nerve paths to the hand muscles
  • Stimulates maximum blood flow for performance, wellness and rehabilitation
  • Medical Grade & FDA Approved. 


Size Reference: Universal Size (5" - 10.5")

Made in Taiwan



Ask a Question
  • I keep having flare-upsbof tendonitis in both hands and I've caught myself waking up with tightly clinched hands. Would you recommend this product to sleep in to help rectify the problem?

    Thank you for the question, this brace will help you to keep your hand in still/relax position with minimum restriction. It's fine to wear it to sleep, yet, it's mainly design to regain strength for stroke patient.

  • Do you sell these in a small size?

    Thank you for the question.

    This product is one size (wrist cir. 5" - 10.5") with adjustable velcro. It should cover most of the patient. If there is any issue, we do accept refund & return.