Disposable General Use 3 Ply Face Cover Shield - Bandana Scarf Covering - Facial Protection Filtration Earloop - Pack of 50

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  • I have already bought your washable face masks. I like them very much. I am now looking for the disposable face mask to insert it into the washable face masks. I do not buy anything made in China. I would like to buy the Taiwanese products. Please let me know if you make the disposable face mask in Taiwan.

    Thank you for the question, this is the product you are looking for: https://senteq.com/products/mask
    This is made in Taiwan.

  • Where is the disposable mask made in?

    Thank you for the question, these mask are made in China. Level 1 with 95% BFE. (FDA & CE registered manufacturer) Disposal masks are mainly from China now..

    We also have washable masks which made at SENTEQ manufacture in Taiwan. (FDA & ISO 13845)


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