SENTEQ Ankle Sleeve (SQ1-F001)

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Slip-on ankle support designed for everyday use!

The SENTEQ Ankle Sleeve (SQ1-F001) is able to provide a firm and steady compression for your ankle. It is made with powerful moisture-wicking "breathable" neoprene which is able to adjust heat and body temperature and keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. 

This ankle sleeve has a simple and non-bulky open toe and open heel design to provide the user some flexibility. It is also water-resistant which makes it an excellent choice for athletics and other activities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and non-bulky ankle brace
  • Open toe and open heel for flexibility
  • Durable for long-term wear on a daily basis
  • Provide effective compression for reducing and supporting the swelling ankle



  • Mild to moderate ankle sprain and strain
  • Support ankle instability



    • Neoprene: 75%
    • Nylon: 25%

    Made in Taiwan




    Ask a Question
    • What size ankle sleeve (SQ1-F001) should I get? I have a weak left ankle which I recently sprained. I have a previous injury to my achilles tendon and have some very slight arthritis in that foot too. I measure about 11and a half circumference and wear shoe size 8 to 9. no siginificant swelling in the foot now but anything too tight hurts my foot. I need extra support for walking for exercise. I am a 72 year old woman of average weight.

      Thank you for the question,
      Based on your description, size L should work for you fine. If you purchase from us, we will also send you free XL just to  be sure:)

    • I don't know which ankle brace to get. I have a weak left ankle and it rolls on me every now and then. I work out 5 days a week - HIT/endurance/Yoga/strength - and play in a baseball league. So what would be best to purchase to protect the ankle when i'm doing those activities

      Thank you for the question, 

      For intense sports, we will recommend SQ1-F019 ( or SQ2-N003 (
      As for yoga or other exercise require less sudden movement, our basic ankle sleeve SQ1-F001 ( should be enough :)

    • What size should I get ofr the ankle brace if I wear a size 7 1/2 shoe?

      Thank you for the question, your size is between Medium and Large.... :) We usually recommend a size up (Large) to be safe.

      If there is any issue with the product, we offer free exhange or refund. Please email us at


    • I am a male with an ankle circumference 10 1/2" , ankle length 5 1/2 ", and shoe size is 9. I am 77 yrs. old, 5' 7" and weight 160LBS. I walk about 5 miles everyday. What size of ankle brace should I order?

      Size L should work for you, but the compression might be a bit high with other info you provided... 

      If you order from us, please send us an email to with this message. We will send size L & XL (for free) to ensure better fit:)

      Thank you.

    • recommended measuring size doesn't make sense? do we just go by shoe size? i usually wear men 9-9.5 size shoe. my foot length is 10" and foot circumference is 10.5" what recommended size to get?

      Thank you for the question, Based on your description, size L should work for you but might be a bit tight, size XL should be most comfortable ankle brace for your size. 


    • Shoes size 8 and have peroneal tendonitis and primary osteoarthritis of left foot. What size would I need. Will size M fit my foot when then its Circonference is 8.5?

      Thank you for the question,

      We recommend size L if the ankle is swollen. We usually send 2 sizes if customer have any concern about sizing, just let us know and we will work with you :)

    • I wear a womens' size 8.5 shoe. It is mainly my right inner ankle that swells and is really sore by days' end. One dr mentioned foot was pronating and quite possibly posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. I have a very busy life and want to try your SENTEQ Ankle Sleeve (SQ1-F001) to see if that helps lessen the swelling and aching. Should I order the L? If the swelling gets more under control, I'm afraid the XL will be too loose after several wearings?

      Thank you for the inquiry, 
      Size L should work for you, we can also send you size XL for free just in case.
      Our ankle sleeve is made by quality neoprene, it doesn't really get loose even after long period of use.


    • Hi. My shoe size is 9.5 in tennis 10.5, I prefer to use it tight. I used the NDL brand size L. Please what size would you recommend? Thank.

      Thank you for the question, size L should fit tightly for men shoe size in that range. If you decide to purchase, please send us a note when you purchase. We will also include size XL for free just to make sure :) thanks,  SENTEQ