Tennis Elbow is a Misnomer – Surprising Fact About Tennis Elbow You Didn’t Know


Your doctor told you that you have tennis elbow when you asked him about the sharp pain that radiates down the back of your forearm.


But how was that possible? You’ve never played tennis before…You just work in front of your computer all day.



Tennis elbow is not just for tennis players. It’s one of the repetitive strain injuries caused by strenuous or repetitive activities like sitting and working at a computer typing all day.


There’s no doubt that technology has made our lives a lot more convenient but it also poses a threat of overuse thus causing elbow pain.


The use of technology in our everyday life is inevitable and knowing how to prevent possible injuries caused by using your mouse and keyboard will keep elbow pain at bay.


If you’re suffering from tennis elbow, wearing elbow braces can do wonders.

SENTEQ Elbow Brace

SENTEQ Elbow Brace