Say Goodbye to Tennis Elbow in 5 Minutes or Less

Despite its name, playing tennis is not the only cause of tennis elbow. Several other sports (that involve throwing) and activities (that involve repetitive motions of the wrist and arm) can also put you at risk of suffering from this painful condition.


But the good news is you can get rid of tennis elbow in 5 minutes or less by just following these simple techniques shared by Dr. Kristie Ennis.




  1. Take any flat-edge item (like a door hinge) and some lotion.
  2. Put the lotion on your forearm.
  3. Take your flat edge item, follow the line of the muscle, and try to get the blood flow going into the muscle.
  4. Once your skin starts to turn red, you can stop working on that area.



  1. Take your opposite hand.
  2. Pin down your fingers on your forearm.
  3. Move your wrist and arm in different motions to stretch out and release the muscle at the same time.
  4. Continue until you start to feel a little bit better.



TECHNIQUE 3 (Front Shoulder)

  1. Take a ball. (Tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or baseball)
  2. Go against the wall with the ball.
  3. Move back and forth to work on your tight shoulder and chest muscle.
  4. Continue until you start to feel a little bit better.


TECHNIQUE 3 (Back Shoulder)

  1. Take the ball and put it in the back of your shoulder. (Over around the shoulder blade)
  2. Roll right over it and raise your arm up and down and side to side to release your muscle and stretch it at the same time.


Watch the full video here:


These techniques should at least alleviate pain if not get rid of it.


When to see a doctor

You should consult a doctor if these techniques and other self-care tips (like rest, ice, and OTC pain medicine) don’t do the trick.

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