Are You Prone to Ankle Injuries? See If You’re in the List.


Most ankle injuries happen as a result of landing awkwardly after a jump, twisting the ankle, sudden impact, tripping, or falling. But anything as simple as walking can give you an ankle injury.


Although ankle injuries can happen to anyone at any age, some people have a higher risk of developing or suffering from them. It’s important to know the risk factors so you can avoid the debilitating pain that can stop you from performing your normal day-to-day activities.  



  • Prior History of Ankle Injuries – If you have had injured your ankle in the past, then you have a higher risk of experiencing the same injury again than those who have never had an ankle injury.



  • Young Male Athletes Aged 15-24 (ankle sprains only) – Young male athletes appear to have a higher incidence of ankle sprain than their female counterparts in the same group.


  • Poor Physical Condition or Overweight – Some studies show that being overweight or obese increases the risk of having a severe ankle fracture. The excess weight places a greater impact on the bones and joints when walking, running, and jumping, thus increasing the risk of ankle injuries.


  • Tired Muscles – When your muscles become fatigued, they are less likely to provide good support resulting in a higher risk of injury if you continue to do more activity instead of taking a rest.


  • Inappropriate Footwear – Wearing the wrong shoes even for a short time increases the risk of developing ankle injuries. Use sport-specific shoes or shoes appropriate for your foot type and activity.


  • Not Warming Up – If you start a strenuous activity without warming up first, you’re not preparing your body to meet higher demands and may even increase the risk of injury.


  • Young Female Athletes Over 30 – Several studies have shown that females over 30 years old are at a significantly higher risk of developing ankle sprains than males in that age group regardless of their body mass index.


Ankle injuries may be common but you can decrease the risk of getting an ankle injury by taking some precautions.

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