8 Simple Ways to Reduce the Risk of Computer-Related Injuries

Small and repetitive motions like typing on a keyboard and holding and clicking the mouse can cause the extensor muscles in your forearm to weaken. When this happens, tears form in the tendon which leads to inflammation and pain.

If you can’t reduce the time you spend in front of your computer because of the nature of your job, here are a few tips that can help prevent “computer elbow” from developing.


Tip #1

Proper positioning is essential when you’re sitting at your desk and using your mouse. Make sure that your upper and lower arms are at a 90-degree angle. You can adjust the height of your chair to ensure that you have the right angle.


Tip #2

Position your mouse as close as possible to your keyboard so you can maintain the 90-degree angle. It shouldn’t be placed toward the back of your desk which will make it awkward to reach.


Tip #3

Although typing or clicking the mouse is hardly a strenuous activity, it’s still a common way to overuse your elbow. So, when using the mouse, use your whole arm and not just your wrist.


Tip #4

Hitting your keyboard hard when typing not only affects the keyboard membrane but also your wrist and forearms. So, make sure that you type gently and lightly.


Tip #5

Sit up straight and with your shoulders relaxed. It’s important to hold your body in proper alignment both when you’re standing or sitting.


Tip #6

Take computer breaks. When it’s your lunch, have lunch anywhere you want except your desk. You can also mix your tasks to avoid long use of the computer. Removing your hands from the keyboard when not typing and dropping them down at your sides will also help blood flow.


Tip #7

Start gentle exercises to strengthen the muscles of your forearm. You can try squeezing a tennis ball several times or if you don’t have a tennis ball you can use a rolled-up towel.

Tip #8

If you’re already experiencing pain in your elbow, wear elbow support. This will reduce pain and help your elbow heal faster.


Working at a computer can cause overuse injuries of the arms and hands. You can avoid these injuries with these simple ways and good working habits.


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