10 Facts About Tennis Elbow

More and more people are suffering from tennis elbow. If you’re one of them or want to avoid experiencing this debilitating pain, you need to know important facts about tennis elbow, now more than ever.


  1. Not only tennis players get tennis elbow.


  1. Most patients with tennis elbow are from 30 to 50 years old and more men suffer from tennis elbow than women.


  1. Complete rest is not advisable if you have tennis elbow. Injured tendons need some tension and motion to avoid further deterioration.


  1. Tennis elbow may be caused by activities other than sports like using a computer, plumbing, painting, gardening, etc.


  1. Tennis elbow is typically caused by overusing the tendons in the forearm.


  1. Recovery from tennis elbow can take 4 months or longer. If left untreated it may lead to chronic pain or even surgery.


  1. Most cases of tennis elbow are diagnosed through a simple physical examination.



  1. Unlike golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow affects the outer part of the elbow.


  1. Most cases of tennis elbow can be treated without surgery. It is recommended that you implement the RICE (rest, ice, compression elevation) principle.


  2. Wearing orthotic devices such as an elbow brace can be prescribed to manage pain during daily activities.


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